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We've traded the sublime for special effects. There is much to be said for the simple days. Thanks Peter.

John Mann


It seems this "loss of the ordinances" is plagued by our 21st Century Postmodern mindset for a couple of reasons.

1). A focus on the individual has demeaned a Biblical understanding of ecclesiology. "Me-ism" rules the day while the corporate expression of Christ's church has been relegated to an option made available to those who need a quick pick-me-up.

2). Our technology (which is not inherently bad) has led us to believe that the Spirit of God is bottled into light shows, smoke machines, and mystical imaginations. At best these provide emotional manipulations. At worst they create idolatrous practices that plagued the Roman Catholic Church.

Let us celebrate the ordinances with enthusiasm, not because we have had our emotions manipulated, but because the Spirit of God is living and vibrant within the life of a community of believers. Nothing touches my heart more than the practice of baptism as it promises new life and the Supper as it reminds of the hope of eternal life which will be coronated in a great banquet of a wonderful Savior communing with His redeemed! I need no more.

peter lumpkins


Thanks for your input...


I hear your heart...

Grace. With that, I am...



great stuff bro..thanks.

cb scott

Sad, but true. Of course, that is now the case with many things.


peter lumpkins

Thanks Brothers!

With that, I am...


Camel Rider

Is there a specific thing you are referring to?
::: Camel Rider



I believe that Peter is saying that many churches have turned something that should be simple, sacred, and special into showtime. And, it's sad.


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