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Richard Coords

Hey Peter,

I'd like to share a quote from Robert A. Peterson and Michael D. Williams of "Why I am Not an Arminian", as it relates to the matter of "to be" inferred at Ephesians 1:4:

God's choosing us 'in him before the creation of the world' (Eph 1:4, 11) refers to union with Christ before creation. The words cannot speak of actual union with Christ because we didn't exist before we were created. Rather, they speak of God's planning to join us to Christ. The meaning of the whole expression God; chose us in him before the creation of the world' is that God not only elected a people for himself; he also planned the means by which they would be saved; he planned to join them to his Son and his saving benefits. Paul's words 'He chose us in him before....creation' do not describe a condition that sinners must meet in order to be chosen by God. The words do not speak of people's responses at all; they speak of God's plan." (p.58)

1) Where in Eph 1:4 does it state: "God not only elected a people for himself"?

This seems to be inferred by the Calvinist in order to develop his conclusion, which is nothing more than Circular Logic. He assumed the very thing that he set out to prove.

2) After assuming an "in the Father" Election, we are given no evidence by which to conclude that "chosen in Him/Christ" means chosen "to be joined" to Him. The author wish it to mean: chosen "into" Him. Yet, is there a logic basis from the text in order to do so?

Debbie Kaufman

Richard: I would challenge you to read all of Ephesians, at least all of Chapter 1, then go to Romans 6. We can't just take one verse and call it doctrine. The Bible is to be read as a whole, whole chapters, whole books, scripture interpreting scripture. The Holy Spirit illuminating. That is how the Bible is to be studied, that is how doctrine is to be formed. Prayerfully.

However, it really doesn't matter Richard, I believe in missions, and I believe the only way to salvation is through faith in Christ Jesus.

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