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This video brought a tear to my eye.


M. Steve Heartsill


Be careful. You are opening yourself to some really weird wackos out there...those who want everyone else (but them, of course) to protect even the smallest snail!


To wax philosophical Peter, do you see the value orientation of the conventional concept of knowledge (that the modernistic empiricism of science and engineering over the humanities) has produced a nation of users and consumers who subjugate the environment as a demonstration of their power over the environment, rather than accepting the environment as revelation of the nature and being of God?
And so, rather than being thankful for the environment as a means of revelation and worship to the God who created it, we become atheistic and therefore no longer stewards of the environment but rapists of it?

Camel Rider

You had me wondering...
You said...
I am coming out....

I thought wow he's homosexual or even worse....calvinist or emerging....

Bob Cleveland

This video demonstrates a practical application of environmental awareness. The first race cars, unless I miss my guess, used the 274 cubic inch displacement Meyer-Drake .. or perhaps the predecessor Offenhauser-manufactured, engine.

The last one shown being pushed off seems to be an early sprint car, which used a 220 inch M/D or Offy.

Downsizing. Yeah...

ps: I believe they ran on methanol, not gasoline, too.


This reminds me of an old Usenet newsgroup, the name of which I find humorous but never really read (if I remember the correct spelling):



You've convinced me!

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