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Ron P.


You have built a reputation as one who attacks Trustees, Denominational Employees, Entity heads and those who do not agree with your political agenda. Yet, when your very words are quoted or referenced in a comment, or a position you take is shown to be in error, or in this case, you purposely misrepresent the ruling of Judge McBryde, you claim that you are being attacked. How convenient.

Here is the real problem that I see with you in general. You make claims of this, that, or the other but write and practice something completely different. Two recent examples: Judge McBryer's ruling as referenced in this post; and claiming to be complementarian, yet write blogs in full acceptance of egalitarianism.

I am not attacking you. I do stand in direct opposition to the doctrinal practices and beliefs that you wish the SBC to embrace. It is in direct contradiction to our historic Biblical beliefs. The SBC has repeatedly rejected such in the past, and it is my prayer, that the SBC continue to embrace Scripture first and foremost and hold to the doctrinal integrity of God's Word.

Ron P.


That you can use the words "justice" and "innocent" in regards to the treatment of Dr. Klouda makes all the rest of your flowery words in this post meaningless. Surely you do not believe that anyone is "just" or "innocent" merely because man's court has made a ruling. It is not man's court that we ought to be interested in, becuase it is not the court we will all stand before one day. I cannot believe that God is pleased when his servents are mistreated simply because He made them female! God help us all! God help the SBC!

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