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Thank you for your scholarship and tracing the arguments historically. I think much of the issues related to this topic fail the test of historical and linquistical analysis. Yuo work her is to be commended.

David R. Brumbelow

You are doing a great job.
Along with others I give you my thanks for taking the time to research this issue that has been so neglected in our day. Don't stop.
If it gets any better I'm going to have to insist you publish a book on this subject.
David R. Brumbelow


Peter, and David would know about publishing books. Have you read his delightful thoughts in his published work, "WIT AND WISDOM of Pastor Joe Brumbelow"? David wrote a book of the legacy of his dad left behind for him and now for others should they choose to read it. Included in the book is a charming chapter written by David's mother who gives a bit of wisdom herself to the wives who've been chosen to minister alongside the called of God.

Of course, you know I've been telling you for years to write a book. Lord willing, you'll write dozens before the trumpet sounds. selahv

Tim Rogers

Brother Peter,

What a refreshing word. Dr. Samson's thought that if this text is used to say that Jesus drank wine, then it also has to be used that he lusted and was also a glutton. I have not thought about that before.

Also, I have to say "Amen" to our sister Harriette. Brother David B.'s book is a refreshing read that is insightful and witty.



Chris & David,

I am glad you both are enriched from some of the resources I humbly present here. Most of the scholarly works I have noted which focuses on linguistic analysis of the Biblical/extra-Biblical languages have some 'in-house' debates among the scholars themselves.

For example, some debate the usages of the words themselves in one context or another and the etymology of the word origin, etc, etc.

But one proposition none denied and which proposition challenged others to prove wrong the impressive evidences the temperance theologians, in unison, marshaled; namely that:

in antiquity in general and Biblical revelation in particular is the fixed, incontrovertible notion of not one wine but many wines--some intoxicating, some nonintoxicating--the former of which the Creator definitively did not create but was at best, a form of rot and spoil in the same sense of moldy bread or spoiled milk and at worst, a man-induced process, fully and sinfully indicative of his utter, complete fallen-ness through mixing poisonous dregs to give it even more of a 'kick' than did natural fermentation; and, the latter of which our Lord graciously did create for our enjoyment and sustaining of life.

Grace to you. With that, I am...




Indeed, David's book, though not as of yet showing up here, will, in the future--near I trust--be reviewed. It presently sits in line on my shelf to be consumed :^)

Thanks, SelahV. With that, I am...



Brother Tim,

Thank you. Dr. Samson is one of those 'dead guys' I never once heard of in seminary but was a who's who in 19th century Baptist life as Cathcart indicates.

Also the text about Jesus being a 'wine-bibber' seems obviously a slanderous remark made by His enemies in the same spirit as the remark 'He had a demon' and casts out by baalzebub created by Pharisees or 'He's mad' which His own family flung at Him.

The modern penchant for 'over'-humanizing Jesus may be responsible for some of this babble.

Grace. With that, I am...


David R. Brumbelow

SelahV, Tim, Peter,
Thanks for your gracious comments concerning my book.
I have thoroughly enjoyed each of your blogs and appreciate the stands you have taken.
David R. Brumbelow



amen again! this just keeps getting better. keep up the good work.


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