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Jim Champion


Thank you for your testimony. My wife grew up in East Tn, and her family life was very much like yours. One difference with her, is that she was a committed Christan from a very early age and did not have to go the years of searching that yuou went through - Praise the Lord.

Thanks again


peter lumpkins


You are very welcome, my Brother. It is good to feel our journey is, in many ways, so much alike.

I trust you and yours have a great Christmastide. With that, I am...


David R. Brumbelow

Your testimony blessed and encouraged me. Don’t hesitate to use it in your preaching or in your writing. Years ago my preacher dad had a “Testimony Revival” and each night had different preachers and laymen present how they met Jesus. It seems to me that every Christian has a testimony that will especially reach out to others. Our personal story is one of the most effective things we have.
I guess the only problem is when some try to glorify or embellish their life before they met Jesus. Or when we forget that the best testimonies may be those who got saved at an early age and stayed true to the Lord through the years, like a Daniel. But an humble, honest story of salvation speaks like few other messages.
Outhouses, of course, also never fail to bring vivid memories and thoughts.
David R. Brumbelow


Thank you bro Peter, isn't the grace of God wonderful that it can reach down to sinners such as us.
That was a heart warming testimony. Why did you go to university? What course were you studying?



you and i have many similarities in our lives. i really enjoyed hearing your testimony. it blessed me.

from one tn boy to another,



Peter: and if only folks knew all of you. I'm so grateful the good Lord gave my family and I a relationship with your since Louisville in 1979. I am ever grateful for all the crazy conversations, the midnight "bombings", and popcorn chats and prayer sessions. Not to mention the gallons and gallons of shared coffee at Bob Evans.

People do not know you, Peter. They have no clue of the intelligence you possess. The pastor you were. The leader you've been. The daddy you grew to be.

They don't know your humor even when they read it and, in some cases, possess the same kind of humor themselves. They don't understand you, Peter, and the beauty in that is you don't need for them to understand you. Your ego isn't that hungry.

I am so grateful you shared a tidbit with others of what is so foundational from where you speak. Arrogant---you are not. Boorish--neither. Antagonizing---sometimes. Devilish---always. I think that comes from surviving as the baby in a family of 12. love you, my brother. selahV

peter lumpkins


Thank you for your encouragement about the worth of the testimonies our Lord give us. We each, as you indicate, have unique stories. Indeed, perhaps the dominant evangelism strategy in Gospel/Acts is converted people telling what great things the Lord did in their lives...


When I was saved, I was virtually illiterate. My Pastor's wife--an English teacher--encouraged me to 'get educated' so that I could talk to anyone about Jesus. I'll never forget what she said that struck rock with me: "Being educated will never, ever close a door for you, Pete. But being uneducated more than likely will." Within a few months, the Lord had us packed and moved to Louisville, Ky.

After Boyce Bible School at Southern Seminary, I attended university studies. My track was "Humanities", while my concentration was Religion & Philosophy...


Perhaps all we Tennessee boys have similar experiences (and gals too! Note Jim's wife above). I hope one day we can have some real fellowship together...


Your words are kind, H, and a more deserving description than my life warrants, I confess. Sometimes I look back with pain and think "What if I'd only..." and others I look back in awe and say "My Dear God, why have You blessed me so..."

Grace now, Grace tomorrow. With that, I am...



Thanks for the openess.



Thank you for your personal testimony. It has been a blessing to read! Other than the bit about Biblicist and NonCalvinist, I think I can agree with every word.

Now you and I honestly and respectfully disagree on this system known as Calvinism. However, two things you have said have struck me with full impact. You said, "Being Biblicist now serves as benchmark in my belief system..." and later, "...being Biblicist is preferable to theological system no matter the brand." Amen and amen!

Thank you for that much-needed corrective in my line of thinking. It's too easy for me to forget that. My "system" could even be wrong, though truthfully I cannot fathom it being so, yet I know that the Bible, being the Word of God, remains just as true as the One who gave it. And the Word of God is the standard by which all else should be judged.



Very encouraging. I do appreciate the time you take to blog and share from the well of grace in your life. I am grateful to you for this and have indeed learned from you.



Colin...you'd really like him if you ever get to spend some time in a revival with him. When you get your church, you oughta have him come preach for you. He can sing too. Ya won't even need a music guy. (not that you'd have one anyway.) Something to think about. OUr first revival with him, we had 25 people saved, baptized and all grew in the Lord afterwards. People in our churches in which he preached years ago are still asking about him and saying he is the best evangelist they ever had preach. One young man who was saved in our first revival with Peter is now a deacon of that church. He led him to Christ in a tobacco field as I recall. selahV



I already like him, but I am sure I would like him more. It is interesting that you mention that, because the same exact thought crossed my mind this morning when I was considering revivla meetings.


Colin...super. now we have validation, huh? :) God has connected some really neat dots with me in this blogging world. I'm rather happy with the picture I'm seeing. Of course it won't be done in my lifetime, but I do like what I see so far. bless you. selahV

Scott Gordon


It's good to get to know...instead of the spooky, meanie I hear you being called.



Keith Schooley

Very nice post, Peter. Praise God for His work in your life.

I'll agree with you wholeheartedly on being a Biblicist. Even though I'll call myself an Arminian, I only do so to make clear where I fall on the soteriology spectrum. Most Arminians are not following a theological system; they are just following where their Biblicism leads them. (I also respect the fact that most Calvinists are also simply trying to be Biblical as well.) I don't choose nonCalvinist as a moniker because an atheist could be a nonCalvinist (and I don't like defining myself by what I am not, anyway.)

And I also respect that being a Biblicist leads you to being a Baptist. Although my own Biblicism leads me in a slightly different direction, I think it's more important that we try to be Biblical in all things, even if, in our humannness, that leads us in differing directions.



Thank you my brother. And, I think you possess a valid point about the label 'NonCalvinist' also being applicable to 'NonBelievers' as well. I suppose no label is fool-proof.
Nor do I, in essence, think 'Arminian' a negative theological label. Yet, in SB subculture, 'Arminian' is hoplessly identified with 'falling from grace' though we both know all Arminians definitively do not embrace such.
Thus, that stands as a forminable reason most SB in the SBC avoid the term.

In a comment somewhere, Keith, you stated 'text precedes theology' a dictum I both learned from my mentors and attempt to practise in my own belief system. I think that captures 'biblicist' precisely and a label that fits us both.

Grace. With that, I am...


Joe Stewart

I've been AWOL because of my own schooling. What a testimony.



Thanks for coming up from a busy schedule and loggin on here. Thanks also for your words...With that, I am...


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