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I finally listened to one of your sermons. You have the dubious honor of having preached the fourth sermon in less than two weeks time that has stepped on my toes. It does me spiritual good to do the "amen...(ouch)...amen..." routine more often than I really want to, though.

I appreciate the sermon because I feel like I begin to see your heart on various (especially pastoral) issues. Besides being a timely sermon for issues in my life, I really appreciate the points you made about the "body" of Christ being a body (I tend to forget about that). But your point about it grieving you when Christians do not express love for the Word really struck home with me (that was one of the "amen...ouch...amen" parts, in case you were wondering).

Thank you for posting your sermon. I appreciate your theological posts (such as this) the most of all. Keep preaching the Word! :)

Debbie Kaufman

What a wonderfully Biblical sermon Peter. Definitely a Amen sermon.

peter lumpkins


I am thankful the message spoke the way it did. From my perspective, the Word is that around which we all may gather ourselves for union, nourishment, exhortation and inspiration...


So much of the time our 'political' views exaggerate our differences. I am humbled and encouraged the Word was not muffled by my presentation.

Grace. With that, I am...


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