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Oh my! I'll have to go check out the latest groovy post by that way cool Enid dude. Wade and his groupies don't want there to be a Southern Baptist Convention - they'd like it to be the Southern Non- Denominational Convention. What feeeeeels right for you today? It never ceases to amaze me the extremes we as humans can go to. It's rather ironic how they hate Paige Patterson when Patterson is probably to the left of Al Mohler and Founders on the issue of Women's ministries, but not a peep about how those far right hybrid Calvinist are taking women back to the "a woman's place is in the home and she should learn everything Biblical only in the presence of her husband. But hey can't disagree with those great Calvinist can ya. After all on the issue of Calvinism it's perfectly acceptable to accuse people of heresy left and right as long as you don't use the actual word heretic.



very good insight. i've been saying from the start that wade and his boys are stirring up strife and division....then, accusing all of us conservatives of being the divisive ones when we dont go along with thier agenda.

i'm glad to see you write what you did here.


Joe Stewart

Now you know why I bid adieu long ago to that blog.

Tim G

You my man have hit this one out of the park! I listened to a sermon of his the other day and found that he even took a jab at the SBC from the pulpit - out of nowhere. Division is his game!


Rather, let's consider self exaltation...reminds me of the quote:
"I'd rather reign in hell than serve in heaven!"
Sometimes the lust for fame and power outweighs one's loyalties to conservative or calvinistic "friends", for what friend uses someone for their own aggrandizement?


Hello Peter,

As I`ve said to you before, I believe and trust Wade just as I do you. I believe that the two of you have alot of the same views in common, only you approach them at different angles.

Wade doesn`t blog to stir up hate and dissent, I believe he blogs because he cares deeply about the SBC and the direction that he thinks that it is going. Self examination is usually the best way to discover ways for improvement. Sometimes when PRIDE, among other things, takes a hit, it can be very painfull.

What if the Chief Priests and Scribes had done some self examination and tried to correct from within?

Before anyone accuses me of being one of Wades boys or cool-aid drinkers, I have disagreed with him on some issues, and I have not commented on his blog in months.I always feel that he treats all with respect.

I understand that you got the black flag from his blog, I still don`t understand why. If you have time tell me why.

BTW Mary, I believe that if you look at some of Wades previous posts, you will see that he leans in the Calvinist direction.

That all for now Peter, again this is just my view. Let me know if you come to the coast again, we will get that Java, my treat.


Robin Foster

One should be careful when banning. It just might (has) backfire(d).

Scott Gordon


thanks for this post. this is truly what i have been thinking for a while now.

sola gratia!


DavidBroughton, Wade leans in the Calvinist direction is exactly the point. His attacks until after San Antonio have all been against the nonCalvinist. Now he's wandering around with this woman's issue pretending he cares - if he truly cared about how women are to be treated in the SBC than he would focus his attetnion on those who are dragging women back to the kitchen. What Al Mohler through Southern's Family Ministry, advocates as a woman's place in church and home is muct more dangerous than anything Paige Patterson is doing or has done, but since Al Mohler is the Calvinist poster child for the SBC he's been allowed to quitely go along with his views on where women belong without anyone questioning him. This only proves that Wade Burleson is involved in politics. This is about who gets to be king of the sandbox. Nothing about anything to do with the Bible



Thats one way to look at, I guess.

I was looking at the other side of the coin.

Wade went all out in the defense of the Klouda issue at SWBTS. That was before San Antonio.

If you look at his comments on his blog today, (10/5) you will see that he is firm on the women pastor issue. At the same time, he welcomes debate and evaluates other views.

My point is, is that although he leans Calvinist, at times he goes against the full bore Founders type statements.

I will agree with you, I`ve never heard him mention Mohler or Ascol in a challenging way, but that doesn`t meen that he hasn`t.

Remember, those are secondary issues to Wade....


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