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The Princess Bride! Funny1

Wade's current blog post is hilarious considering how many times his groupies have made their own blog posts and blog comments that are accusing anyone not agreeing with them of heresy - but since they didn't use those exact words that's ok - just don't call anyone that Wade agrees with a heretic or else his keyboard will be clacking. Of course his keyboard will be a clacking anyways cause he sooooooo likes the sound of it.


I love your picks...would agree with all of them. But of course I would...I am the most irenic, after all. selahV


Jim Champion

My best all around is Les Puryear and Nathan Finn (tie)

Best Debater - B Diddy

Agree on Emily

Least Irenic - and he is glad he is that way dad gummit - CB Scott

Funniest - Ben Cole and Paul Littleton

Most Verbose - that Peter dude


I think you are the funniest but at times I think C.B. Scott is hilarious too. When he's serious, I cringe. selahV


Can I get an award for snarkiest? It's not as easy as ya all think.

Benji Ramsaur

Most Luvable: Peter Lumpkins


Maaaan!!! Thanks Peter but who showed you a photo of my all round ministry (I am trying to lose weight)!
Don't worry about calling me an oxy moron...
i can take the heat.. or the loss of air .. or whatever that means..
looking forward to fellowshipping with y'all here there or in the air...


Hey I agree with you about Joe.. he has a depth to him that gives me a headache.. good stuff!


Uh ohh I am beginning to look like.. ummm someone.. who puts comments upon comments upon comments.. but I'd like to say thank you Peter for the intelligent and helpful material you put up here on your blog so regularly.
Every article is worthy of the read, and well worthy of discussion.
I am grateful for your ministry in this way.



I think you guys have some good suggestions. Perhaps I should have made it into a poll.

I had a few others and actually had them in my draft but pulled them out. I thought it would have been funny, but they would not have.

I drafted chadwickivester as funniest as I thought about Paul Littleton too and neither made final cut.

Most Disappointing Blog would definitively go to SBCOutpost. That was in draft but I took it out.

Traditionally, SelahV, a pineapple is symbolic of a friendship gesture. It's a another way to offer a handshake,,,

Yes, Benji. I agree wholeheartedly with you. Have you been talking to my wife?

Mary, Mary not contrary! You are not snarky...a little snitty maybe, but definitely not snarky. Just kidding :^)

With that, I am...




By the way, thanks!

With that, I am...




By the way, thanks!

With that, I am...




By the way, thanks!

With that, I am...



hahaha now that is funny...
A tip should you ever travel down under Peter: Did you know that in our culture handing someone a pineapple is not a gesture of friendship? And its generaly placed in a most uncomfortable position...
when you made the comment I had to look twice to make sure I had really read that.


Grosey: You mean to tell me you knew that me giving folks a pineapple in Australia was not a kind thing and you didn't call Peter out on it?
Simply because he said nice-nice about you? Awgh. My heart is broken.

PETER: Traditionally? Where? I'd never heard of that. How special! selahV


i'm hurt and sulking after being left out of peter's list and wade's list. if this was a church, i'd leave it and go join another one!

david :)

ps. i loved wade's list. so true.

Emily Hunter McGowin

Its always awkward to enter a conversation already in progress, especially when you're one of the topics. But, I wanted to say: Thanks, Peter. Your reception to me has always been warm and respectful, even when we disagree strongly, as you have said. I am very appreciative. And, thanks for the kudos. I needed this encouragement today.

Grace and peace,


Benji Ramsaur

Oh Peter,

I think I know what needs to happen for you and Wade to make up.

Wade needs to take you to Kings Dominion and let you ride a n y ride you want.

I could just imagine the scene...

There you are, hurrying to this ride and that [Wade trailing behind you] with a little bit of blue Cotton Candy in the right corner of your mouth.

Finally, Wade decides that the right moment has come for you two to talk.

[Next scene: the ice cream shop]

Wade has just bought you a chocolate ice cream cone.

There you are...sitting down with Wade, licking that creamy, cold substance on a hot day.

And Wade proceeds in nice, warm tones.

Wade: Peter, there is something I have been meaning to say to you.

[Peter visibly squirms a bit]

Wade: I know that we have both had our little squabbles and I know that I have shown up on more than one of your posts on..uh..what's the name of your blog?

Peter: SBC Tomorrow

Wade: Yes, that's right, SBC Tomorrow. And I feel sometimes there's just this disagreeable spirit between us. Huh, sometimes I think we would disagree on whether or not a child should be hooked on phonics. [1]

[Peter gets quiet]

Wade: Sorry. But my intent is to reach out from one bothered brother to another brother bothered or vice versa.

Peter: I understand Wade

Wade: In fact, I've been reading this book by Gary Smalley

[Peter begins to become a tad irritable]

Wade: And I want you to know Peter, I understand that you think alot about me. I do. I understand Peter. I understandingly understand.

[Peter starts to become more relaxed]

Wade: I feelingly feel what you feel and I as well and vice versa.


Wade: In fact, I even read your blog from time to time. Reading you is like reading the psalms. It's poetry [Selah], poetry [Selah] over and over again.

[Peter begins to sniffle]

[Wade, heavy in heart, goes deep]

Wade: Peter

Peter: Yes Wade

Wade: I want to let you know [as he places his hand on Peter's shoulder] that I think you're a wonderful writer, great thinker, soulful singer, and Peter...I like you. [2]

[uncontrollable sobs protrude forth from Peter at this point]

I leave from watching the scene at this point, thinking all is well, as I go to ride on my favorite roller coaster--the Scooby Doo's Ghoster Coaster.

I come back, in a dizzying stupor, and lo and behold what do I see...

Wade and Peter marching together singing!

I may never march in the IMB

Ride into their meetings

Shoot Mr. Wes Kenney...

But I'm in the Lord's army

[and all is well]


[1] "Hooked on phonics" humor adapted from David Letterman.

[2] The "I like you" humor adapted from Al Franken on Saturday Night Live

Joe Stewart

How about we cast each blogger into the greatest movie of all time - The Princess Bride? Any suggestions...btw thanks for the kudos





Rob in Foster


One further nomination.

Most Intelligent Red-Neck:

David Worley (Volfan007)


colin mcgahey


How I missed this post I do not know. Thank you for the compliments.

For most feared, however, I think Greg Welty can run circles around anyone in Blogshire. Nonetheless, great list- an honor to be named by you among them.


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