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what a marvelous picture! makes one want to stand and watch and wait to see what it is going to do. however, no matter what one wants to do when a funnel cloud like that appears, one might do well to have a hole to crawl into when the cloud approaches to avoid getting nailed with flying debris. And aren't we thankful when there are those who come after and help clear away the destruction left from its path? selahV


I guess I'm a lemon when it comes to comparing life to storms. I am actually a big fan of bad weather. I stopped preaching in the middle of a sermon last spring to watch a rare hail storm here in SW La. The people started laughing. They were wondering how long I could hold out. I stayed during Hurricane Rita and would stay for another. I've always wanted to go to OK, KS and Nebraska(couldn't remember the abbreviation) and chase tornadoes and storms. I don't know, I think storms get a bad rap.:)

I do understand your point though. It is almost like you can feel it in the air. But hey, we are suthern' babptists and we historically have always been able to find something to feud about.

Looking forward to your post.

Joe Stewart

Sorry I've been away. Don't feel too bad about your ban. I've voluntarily removed myself from both of those sites.


Hey Joe, ever been to my sites? I'd love your thoughts on my recent post at selahvtoday. selahV


NEWSFLASH...brought to you by the Oklahoman weather warblers!

The storm predicted has blown out to sea leaving Georgia with no relief from the droughts. Clear weather is predicted for the first part of the week!!!!!!

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