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GROSEY IS THE MAN! I nominate him for SBC president in 2008! selahV

Scott Gordon

It's good to have a gracious brother of the Doctrines of Grace persuasion serve as a model to all. I wish we had more like him! Thanks, Peter, for the 'thumbs up' review of Bro. Grosey.

Sola Gratia!

Robin Foster


Thanks for the link. Let me add that Steve has always been gracious in dialog with me even when we have disagreed. I appreciate his willingness to debate and warn the SBC of those who speak wide tent.

Gee, maybe I should have put this over on SBC Today?




Thanks. Grosey is one cool dude. I look forward to his mp3 sermons on line rather than the written text.

Grace, Robin. With that, I am...



Go Steve!


thank you for the kind words folks, I feel quite embarrassed.


Grosey is indeed a blessing from God.


Peter, you can understand my accent? WOW!! I preached once at a Church in Bethany OK, and a gnarly old farmer deacon came out and drawled, "Well pastor, it was a kangaroo sermon, I picked up a bit here, and I picked up a bit there, and I picked up a bit away over thar!"
Indeed there is mp3 with the sermons when I remember to take the mp3 player to the pulpit, and I remember to turn the thing on.

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