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peter lumpkins


Hey, my brother. Hope it is wet in Tennessee as well. We need the rain in Georgia.

It is nice to laugh about some of our issues as SBs, is it not?

Grace. With that, I am...



Hello Peter, hope you are well.

I was reminded of this whole mess when I read something about Tom Cruise and how Scientologist don't say "no" to their children. Cults like scientology use circular reasoning. Well of course we believe "A" is true because "so and so" said so. Yeah, but your "so and so" is not a reliable source. Yes they're reliable because "this other so and so" says so" Yes, but nobody knows "this other so and so" so that's not a reliable source. Yes they are too reliable because the cult says they are and "so and so and so and so of the cult all agree" Yes but you all have some sort of agenda right? No we only want the truth of cult to be propagated. And of course what we know is truth because hey our great cult leader tells us it's true.

crazy, crazy stuff and what makes it worse is when the cult people like Tom Cruise run around telling everybody else how stupid they are and how perfect and enlightened he is.

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