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Scott Gordon


Have we learned nothing from the liberals of society...whether political or religious? It's simply the seriousness of the charge that matters...not the reality of the 'charge'! :-| It seems that our irenic ones have most certainly picked up this mantra (I hope that would be all)!

It concerns me greatly when brothers I have held dear start to sound more like those who have lost their way, wanting their personal will (preferences) to hold more weight than Scripture. Experience trumps absolute truth. Our foundation shifts. We give credence to accusations that are vague and void of substance. Would anyone defending ProfAnon receive that letter if it were directed to them in their position?

I also ask, when will the next seminary president be lumped into the mix? Isn't Dr. Kelley imperfect? What about Dr. Akin? Didn't these guys offend some of those at Outpost by not responding to their letters, too? Certainly there is something for which they could be criticized, too.



Thanks for dropping by. I think you are correct. My guess is, even if Drs. Chapman and Draper, who appear to to be darlings of Outpost & Co--know I am not lumping either into their camp--that they will be axed if they do not watch their backs...

Grace today, Scott.

With that, I am...




to show how bad this obviously disgruntled anonymous prof.'s rant was, and how bad it was for the outpost to run it without any corrobaration, and with no accountability due to his anonymity, it's now being talked about on the outpost that there was no refrigerated closet built for dorothy patterson. that she really does not own a bunch of furs. that this was really just an a/c duct put into the closet for the drummonds, who lived at the sebts manse before the pattersons.

so, mrs. dorothy patterson was made to look bad, and was put down....and she didnt do it. sad. this just proves what you're trying to say, peter.



There sure is a lot ink on both sides going up on the internet about this. The thing that concerns me is that the basic charge is true and it hurts both sides of this argument. The trustees do not hold these men accountable and as a result we do not know if they are men on integrity or not. If they are guilty then we are stuck with them. If they are not guilty then they can not have their names cleared because there will be no unbiased investigation. It is a sad state of affairs for sure.
As for anonymous's fears of being fired for his opinion who disbelieves him? No one I have read so far. Most just say that he should be open about his identity and get fired. That is very sad to me. We have created a kingdom of fear and intimidation in Baptist life. Fear is the tool of the enemy, not of our Lord. Whose servant's are we?

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