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Jim Champion


How very Ben Franklin of you! He also asked and answered questions using several different personnas during his lifetime.

This was a good one



Oh Peter, now I've gotta get rid of that chair! selahV



Thanks for stopping by, my brother. Unfortunately, I have read nothing of note by BF. It sounds like I missed a very good read.


I have a stash of those darn chairs.

Grace. With that, I am...


JIm Champion


I recommend that you read "Ben Franklin and American Life" by Walter Isaacon - it is a great read on a great American. I have been reading a few biographies lately on our founding fathers, kind of interesting to do now that it is not required of me!

Emily Hunter McGowin

Wow, Peter. This is a very good reflection on forgiveness. You have a skillful way with words.

Have you read Exclusion and Embrace by Miroslav Volf? I highly recommend it as a deeply moving meditation on forgiveness and reconciliation. In fact, anything Volf writes on forgiveness is great.

Have a good weekend, Peter,


Emily Hunter McGowin

BTW: I really like the new format. It is easier to read.



Thank you for the warm encouragement. Thanks also for the book suggestion. Unfortunately, as with our Jim's recommendation, neither have I read yours. Sounds refreshing.

Grace, Emily. With that,

I am...



This reminded me somewhat of a little that explored our life as different rooms in a house and how we are to let Jesus into all the rooms, not just the convenient ones. I think the most powerful motivator for me, to remove that chair, is that Christ sat in my eternal chair. How could I exact from anyone, what Christ himself bore for me? I stupefy myself with my arrogance and unforgiveness besides the great internal harm I do to my spirit. We are not to forgive in order to be forgiven...rather, we forgive BECAUSE we have been forgiven. When framed that way, how reluctant ought I to be to even bring a chair into the house. Thank you for the inspiring word Peter.

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