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PETER: what grandbaby? selahV

Joe Donahue


Well...Since you baptized me in 1991, I guess I am going to let it slide.

I did post an interesting picture of you on my blog, but my sweet pregnant wife asked me to take it down...

I appreciate the kind words, they were completely unnecessary.


JOE: when is Kristy due? this is sooooo exciting! To see Peter melt into a puddle of emotion would be a sight to behold! selahV

peter lumpkins


Why the one, of course, I've been slobbering all over myself about for the last two months.

I am sorry you are having difficulties with viewing my blog. Actually, no one else has reported such. Have you tried another browser other than Internet Explorer?


With that, I am...



g'day Peter,
A quick question... rather than consult my old teaching text books.. somewhere hid in my library, can you tell me.. is there a full moon there in the USA at the moment? (just look at your window tonight). I am trying to figure why some really silly stuff is appearing over at xxx and xxxx's blogs again.... there's no SB convention around the corner.. so I guess there must be a full tide in the cranial cavity...

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