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Nice post Pete and I liked the picture ( I am trying to think of something controversial and long and wordy to initiate discussion)!
:) I know you're best post ever, you really nailed that one! (drat that wasn't original was it.. ummm... Grace with that I am

Michael Westmoreland-White

Good advice. Some are hard to follow, perfectly, but all are worth attempting.

Although I always leave my name, I dislike going to blogs hosted by blogspot which disallow anonymity. Why? Because I have to use a Google or Blogger account to leave a comment when that's the case--and I can hardly ever remember my Google password. I don't allow anonymous comments on Levellers, but, since mine is a Wordpress account, it doesn't give extra barriers.

That requirement DOES mean, however, that people without blogs or, at least, blog profiles, never comment.



Why thank you, Steve. I did not know you cared so much :^|


Yor are correct; it is definitely hard to do sometimes. Especially when one is passionate about a particular subject or senses a perspective is being skewed.

What assists me is that, personally, I know I am capable of skewing a perspective. All of us fall short of God's glory in this area too.

With that, I am...


Benji Ramsaur


You said:) "If someone with whom I am interacting cannot put words together in plain sentences and paragraph form, I personally do not stay on the phone long. I politely say my good-byes."

I said "But Peter, if we cannot quote from you then how will we keep some of your one-liners alive (which happens to be one of the most charming things about you)"

Gone will be vanilla Calvinsim and other ideas worthy of taste.

I'm depressed


P.S. Has anybody ever told you that you look alot like Doug Flutie?



For you, my Brother, you are one I'll make an exception about the approach in question.

And as for D. Flutie look-a-like, no no one on the net has until you. Indeed most think I resemble this:


With that, I am...



peter... that's funny!

Benji Ramsaur


Thanks for the exception and that picture is funny, but I'm sticking with Flutie.

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