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Joe Stewart

Thanks for your time and effort to bring this insight.



Good information. Thanks for letting us read about the heart of Jim Richards.

I hope that you can find someone that can share some of their thoughts about David Rogers,



thats being done already. go to wade's blog...marty's blog... art's blog.

thanks peter.




Thank you for taking the time to write this. I don't know Richards and so gaining information about him has been helpful to me. I have learned that if I knew him, he would most probably be a man whom I would very much appreciate.

Just one caution I would offer, however, and that is in regards to your title. I noticed that nowhere in his interview did Dr. Brunson claim that Richards was God's man for the position and as such it would seem slightly disingenuous to me to insinuate that he did so through your title. I sincerely doubt that you intended it, but it certainly appears as if you are trying to speak for God to the rest of us.

peter lumpkins


Thanks for the positive comments. Thanks also to our Brother Micah who rightly cautions us all about attempting to "speak for God to the rest of [you]." I take the caution to heart.

One word in clarifying, if I may: While I most certainly did entitle the post "Jim Richards is God's Man for First Vice President," in my introductory paragraph, I noted that both my and Dr. Brunson's words were our opinions: "a much better opinion than mine awaits."

In addition, the final question stated also places it in proper balance concerning Dr. Brunson's personal perspective about Jim Richards--at least, that is my view.

It reads in part: "Dr. Brunson...if you could ...state precisely why *you think*, under God, he would be *God's man* to serve all Southern Baptists...?

Grace to all. With that, I am...


p.s. Please check back tomorrow. Another interview will be posted I promise you'll appreciate!


Peter: well who can speak for God? I can't speak for God for you or anyone else. But to what I've been reading about Jim Richards and his faithfulness to the SBC and the BF&M, I'm certain God is telling me he is best for the convention. thanks for the post. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's. selahV

peter lumpkins


Thanks for leaving your fingerprint. I, with you, and as our Micah cautioned, no one of us is capable of speaking for God, if we mean by "speaking for God," we forge the speech as finalized.

But what Pastor stands in the pulpit on Sunday morning presuming he possesses no word from God? Only a pitiful, powerless one in my view. There is at least some sense, then, that we think a person can and ought to speak for God.

On a more direct note here, you are correct; neither I, you, Dr. Brunson or another finalizes the word about Jim Richards. That is His job.

And, I very much enjoyed both meeting Mac Brunson and hearing his take on Jim Richards. I appreciated even more conversing with Jim Richards, whose interview I post today.

Grace, SelahV. With that, I am...



Thank you for doing the leg work that many could not and would not do. I look forward to the next interview as well. I also liked your reply to SelahV. Very interesting stuff you two were talkin' 'bout.

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