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thanks for the interviews. they are good. i will definitely be glad to vote for such a man as this. it's uncanny how much he believes like me! but, he does say it in a better way than i do. i hope he becomes our next 1vp....and maybe in the future, our new president?


John Mann

Peter, I had the untellable privilige of having Dr. Richards preach in my pulpit just a few weeks back. My wife and I then had the opportunity to share lunch with Dr. Richards and his lovely wife, June. I can tell you, Dr. Richards is everything this interview shows and more. He is blessings uncountable to the heart of the SBC. Thanks for the interview, and Dr. Richards, I look forward to visiting with you again.

In the Love of Christ,
John Mann

Bubba Sims

This interview was most helpful. Having the opportunity to hear this man in his own words without either side's spin is priceless. That being said, is there any way that you could provide interviews with the other candidates? I promise that I am both neutral and undecided on the issue of 1st VP even though the tide has started to turn towards Jim following this interview. It would just be very helpful. Thanks!


Joe Stewart

Thanks for your information.

peter lumpkins


Thanks for dropping by. And I am glad it was helpful.

Know this: I assure you the answers Jim Richards gave me were his and his ALONE.

No one doctored them or attempted to make them more appealing than they are. These words are Jim Richards' exclusively.

With that, I am...


P.S. Bubba. Unfortunately, one's sphere of feelers only reach so far. I invite an opportunity to--one on one--ask David Rogers some questions. I do not see how that is possible given his Spain assignment; and an email exchange just would not possess the reliability we expect in light of The Florida Baptist Witness report.

Bryant Sims

I understand completely. In fact, after reading what happenned with the Florida paper I think my made is finally made up.



Peter: you are the man of the hour! I'm so glad the Lord has gifted you with the ability to ask the right questions and interview people to get the true answers and spirit of the person. It's so refreshing to read this interview.

I would hope that you will be doing many more interviews in the near future with many more SBC leaders. Hopefully the "feelers" will reach out to you. selahV


Thanks Peter for taking the time to post this interview.

Jim seems to be very qualified for the V.P. position and he obviously has a good heart for the SBC.

But, when he used the word "gibberish" to describe the use of tongues, he sealed my vote for David.

peter lumpkins


Thanks. I'm glad the interivew brought out what you need to make your vote.

Grace. With that, I am...


Michael Westmoreland-White

I'm a non-SBC (ex-SBC) Baptist, so I am not commenting on whether or not this guy would be good to vote for or not. But I am deeply suspicious of his claims about Louisiana College once being full of liberals in any real sense of that term. My suspicion has to do with my experience as a student at SBTS during the '80s.

I made a note about every professor who was claimed to be liberal or heretical. I noted the claim. I took that professor and I asked about the claims. I investigated the writings cited. NOT ONCE did I find any charge to be true.

Oh, and talk about double jeopardy, I saw professors cleared repeatedly by trustees only to have to face the same charges WITH THE SAME EVIDENCE the next time the trustees met.

So, I have my doubts about whether or not Louisiana College was full of religion profs. who didn't believe the Bible during this dude's time there. Without specifics and evidence, I'd say the burden of proof is on him and he's just mud-slinging--like all members of the so-called "Conservative Resurgence."


Congrats to Jim Richards .. I hope the Cole Coaltion demand a recount. :)

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