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Dear Peter,

Thank you for letting us know. I have been concerned about SelahV the last few days, and knew if something serious had happened you would let us know. I am praying for Bob and SelahV.

Thanks again.

God bless,

Tony Sisk

Hello Peter,

Thank you so much for this post letting us know about Mr. V. My prayers are with him and also with Selah during this terribly difficult time.

Grace for this evening,

Les Puryear


I got home a couple of hours ago and just read the email from Selah's friend. I posted a call to prayer as well. Thanks for being on top of this.

BTW, if you know where Bob is, please email me at lespuryear@alltel.net.


peter lumpkins


I received this email just now:

"Bob is out of surgery , he had 5 blockages's , one of them was 100 %. He did have a heart attack with damage on the left side of the heart. The next 2 days are critical , he is in the ICU unit. He still needs lots of prayers. SelahV's ,Thanks you for all you prayers and so do I. God blessings, Barb."

Blogs can be a great place with many friends networked to pray for one another as you all have shown.

Grace. With that, I am...



many thanks Peter, will continue in prayer



give selah and her husband much grace and comfort at this time. o Lord, we ask that you will raise him up to good health again. please surround selah with Your love and Your presence during this time.

in Jesus' name,


peter lumpkins

Thanks to all who are praying for SelahV and family.

I received this email from her this afternoon:

"his left lung collapsed today. Blood pressure dropped to 48/34. They inflated his lung by putting in a tube. Blood pressure back up to 124/58. Not good but okay. They had to give him blood today. He's up, coherent, off the respirator and extremely tired. His whole heart condition is complicated by the fact that he has no thyroid activity. Extremely low doses are being given to him to get it up, but can't give too much or it will make the weak and damaged heart beat too fast. Lots of things happening. God is being glorified...but I'll have to wait till later to share those things. Just came home to take a shower while Holly watches him in ICU. He will not leave intensive care today...maybe tomorrow if they can stablize him.

So far they haven't been able to do that. But Bob is his ever-positive self. Is glad the heart attack pain is over. He laid in bed over 48 hours in extreme pain because of one doctor's misdiagnosis because he ignored what we were telling him. Today Bob said that the pain from the surgery and the coughing and the movement is much less than what he was going through from Mother's day till yesterday at 1:00.

thanks for all your prayers. thanks for posting the call to prayer. I barely have a voice, I'm saving it for you. lol.
Well...that's the story for now. We see God working in marvelous ways and know it is due to prayer and His providential hand in our lives. We're okay, pete, we really are. I am okay...I've had total peace from the moment this began at 3:00 a.m. Mother's Day morning. God has not deserted me, nor have I felt anything but His grace and love through it all.

I've gotta get a shower now. May not be able to write for several days. If I get home I'll give you an update. You can share what you want as you want in updates if you like. Thanks so much for being there, bud. h"

With that, I am...



Thanks, Peter, for the updates.

SelahV, you all are in my prayers.


Peter, Peter, my dear brother, and all who have been praying for us. God is good, hubby is alive, I'm a bit tired and it is 3:00 a.m. You'd think I'd have the sense to go to bed, huh? Not sleeping all that well, but I feel so good otherwise that I realize even more how my "rest" is in the Lord. He sustains. He refreshes. He strengthens. It's doubtful many folks will come back here to read this, but I just wanted to say it anyway. God bless you all. selahV

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