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Bro. Peter,

LOL :)




that's good. very funny.

come over to my blog every once and a while and chat...wont you? i'm not as fancy and sophisticated as you are, my dear bro. i'm just plain ole down home, but i sure do enjoy reading what you write.

my address is...... fromthehillsandhollers.blogspot.com

hope to see ya soon.




Michael Westmoreland-White

Ouch! I'm glad that some in the SBC like Burleson and you, Peter, are now claiming Mullins, again. During "the Controversy," leaders of the so-called Conservative Resurgence, called Mullins a liberal--the one who let liberalism into the SBC. Any expressed admiration for Mullins was greeted with disdain.

Then, in the '90s, many moderates shied away from Mullins, too, finding his theology too individualistic. So, Mullins really took a beating for a time.

I always liked him, though. I thought he was the best theologian of his day--and still better than many who have come later.

Plus, I have to like Baptists who where beards!

peter lumpkins


Nice blog and I am glad you are up and running. Me sophisticated? My daddy would laugh!

Peace. With that, I am...


peter lumpkins


Glad you stopped by. Actually, though I am aware Dr. Mullins got the shaft, I never, for one Georgia minute, bought into the criticisms. Nor have I ever left my respect for him as both a great Baptist theologian and profound Baptist leader.

Interestingly, I would argue had we, in our possession at that moment, a man both of his acumen and temperment, the CR would exist as a mere flash in the pan. Dr. Mullins welded the cracks during the Modernist/Fundamentalist Controversy, and little doubt exists in my mind that his ilk possessed the best shot at restoring form and freedom in the 80s.

That said, it troubles me for both sides to either attack him unfairly or exploit him for their cause.

Grace, Michael. With that, I am...


Joe Stewart

Good post and thanks for cleaning up our supper the other night. We had a bad storm (tornado and the rest), so I had to pull away.

Gene Price

I had a hard time finding this information on E.Y. Mullins. He has taken a beating from some, but what I have read about him so far causes me to hold a favorable opinion of him.
Gene Price
Gleason, TN

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