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I totally get this! I really appreciate that you don't use ivory tower language to try to make a point when I'm sure you are perfectly capable of coming up with some words that would require us to keep a dictionary handy.


Dear Mary

Thank you, my Mary. You are more than kind. I stand persuaded that we may learn even from those disciplines we do not ordinarily consider.

In no way, of course, to minimize God's revelation of himself in Scripture, I am just old enough to remember the adage 'All truth is God's truth.'

To you a gracious afternoon. With that, I am...



Peter, I've had God speak to me through a children's book. Of course everything that we read and see and think that God may be trying to teach us we filter through the Bible, but He can certainly get our attention through a lot of different means. I just try to be open to seeing God's message for me wherever and however He may choose to send it.

Peace to you...


Richard Coords


In my case, it was Taylor's Bible Story Book. Simple summarizations which packed a powerful punch.

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