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Tim Cook

Too true, too true. We are going through a transition time at my church, and the biggest challenge for me as the education minister has been to try and get all the sunday school teachers to act like they are on a team, and working towards one goal. Of course, if I could get all of my teachers to just show up for a meeting, we could begin to talk about getting on the same page with the same focus...sigh. He's right; it is slow going. And I am probably moving faster than some.

In Christ,
Tim Cook

perry mccall

You speak of the challenges of transition and change in the small and/or rural Church (i.e. the average and typical SB church) and the potential for conflict in implementing a simple church process. I agree that any type of process change is challenging in the local church. The thing I like about this basic premise is that it is about process. I was already committed to the idea of simple church long before the book. the key is in understanding that "aligning" the process and even simplifiing the process can be done without radical changes to programing. You do not have to change from traditional to contemporary to become a simple Church. Of course, many will read this book and will try to transition needlessly from a traditional to a contemporary Church in a small or rural setting and "Simple Church" will become the new "Warrenism" that is destroying our Churches. This is why I stated in the other post that often the problem in Church division is pastoral leadership rather any particular doctrine that a pastor holds to.

Oh, did I say great book?


Peter: didn't realize how many simple churches the Lord had blessed us with till lately.

Funny how when ya first get out of school and think God is in charge of your life, and you proceed to apply Hiw authority and wisdom to churches, how quickly they'll let ya know that they didn't get that message from God. Whew! The lessons we learned in our early ministries. selahV



Thanks for stopping by. I know precisely what you mean. Somestimes it is snail's pace but worth the wait. Eric--the author of Simple Church sent to me an email tanking me for profiling his book and encouraged me to make sure all understand the lst chapter which is about the "slow going"

Grace. With that, I am...




I agree. Some unfortunately feel that only contemporary churches are effective. To the contrary, Rainer wrote in another book that his research demonstrates that most any "style" can be both effective and great.

With that, I am...




I do remeber the days! And, though hard, satisfying.

Grace,SelahV. With that, I am...



This Simple Church philosophy may indeed by why most of the growing, and disciple making churches are church plants. They only focus on the nuts and bolts of ministry and church. It is so much easier to keep church simple from the ground up, instead of attempting to downsize a 100 year old church.

Our Pastor has asked that we read Simple Church, and will actually be leading a study with the staff and deacons soon.


Joe: "attempting to downsize a 100-year-old church"? What do you mean?

Peter: Slow-going doesn't necessarily mean slow-growing, though does it?

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