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Debbie Kaufman

Another question: Calvinists believe that God can do what He wants, when He wants, with whoever He wants. He is God and we believe in letting Him be fully God with all His attributes. Where is that making God small?



because yall try to make Him fit into your five point box.

those of us who are not five pointers also believe that God can do whatever He wants...when He wants....that He is sovereign God. and, we dont try to make God fit into a system.


ps. i believe every verse in romans.


Dear Debbie,

Thanks for peeking ay my site, my sister. You are welcome anytime.

As for reading Romans, that is not a problem. I have, I am, I do and I will. Explaining some portions of it may pose too much of a problem for me though. But, by God's grace I continue to learn.

Secondly, as for God being small, personally I think the editors had in mind that anytime a systemic understanding of God--especially an understanding of His sovereignty that insists it has captured the way God MUST act--is polemically offered, watch out. That God is probably too small.

And, from my reading anyway, no theological position with which I am the least acquainted, appears more certain that God MUST BE SOVEREIGN THE WAY WE SAY HE IS SOVEREIGN, than Calvinism.

Peace to you, Debbie. With that, I am...




Thank you! You said: God MUST BE SOVEREIGN THE WAY WE SAY HE IS SOVEREIGN (according to Calvinism). That sums up what really bothers me about the Calvinism Doctrine.

God bless you,



One of the curious things about many Calvinists with whom I have conversed, AJR, is that for some reason, they seem to feel that everybody brings baggage to the Word of God when it is interpreted, but Calvinists, of course.

Interestingly, from my perspective anyway, Calvinists define sovereignty BEFORE they come to Scripture and then, abracadabra, find their definition there :)

Peace today. Wit hthat, I am...


Richard Coords

Peter, AJR and Debbie,

Paul's writings often had references to the Old Testament Scriptures. So when Paul wrote about the Potter and the clay at Romans 9, what Scripture do you think that he had in mind? John Wesley had suggested Jeremiah 18:1-13 which discusses God's sovereignty as the Potter who forms vessels. In my conversations with Calvinists, this has been a passage that has caused Calvinism to stumble quite a bit.

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