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i am enjoying the fire out of your posts on this topic. i had dr. nettles for the history of christianity in seminary, and to hear him tell it....christianity down thru history revolves around five point, extreme calvinism.

thanks again for showing how some people can get so obsessed with a system that they cant see anything else. their glasses are fogged up.


perry mccall

Great posts. I am especially enjoying them in light of some of the other blog subjects this past week. I have had to read this quickly and will need to digest it later. But an initial thought as I was reading Mercer's description of Marshal "not" being known as a "predestinarian" was how Andrew Fuller was considered by many in his day to not hold to the doctrines of grace. They charged him with this in spite of his affirmations of dreaded 5:) I am not challenging your conclusion at this point. I am pointing out a question that I would want to follow up with if I were doing the research. Thank goodness I am not doing the research!!! Again, I am loving the Mercer quotes.

How about that Peyton!! I might be at the "Identity" conference. I would love to meet you. I hope my sincerity in our exchange a few post ago came through.


Perry: Peyton? Who's Peyton? hee hee. Can you tell I'm a Patriot's fan? Go Bears! selahV

perry mccall

Oooooooh!! SelaV!!! I am so disappointed:)


Perry: Just kidding. It's gonna be a toughie for me. I've always like Manning. Just can't switch loyalties from the Brady-bunch. The Colts are the team of choice now in my family. But we have a dear dear friend in KY who is a Bears fan. So now my heart is torn. Whoever wins the Big Bowl will be okay with me. I'll be cheering both teams. I do that quite often. selahV



Thank you for letting us know. I have a question for you. Are you related to Peter? A son-in-law perhaps? :) Just curious.

God bless,

cb scott


Another post that "drinks" with refreshment. Thank you.




Sorry I have been unable to respond to any comments. I was unavailable for some days.

I finished my first reading of "Sandy-Creek Revisited," the latest journal edition of Founders Ministries. Dr. Ascol gave us anticipation about some "ground-breaking" new information on Sandy-Creek.

Unfortunately, I did not notice anything new except...well, I plan to post on it next week.

Have a great day. With that, I am...



Peter: apology accepted. we really miss you when you're away. selahV

Richard Coords


Are you here in J'ville for the Pastor's Conference?

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