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Michael Westmoreland-White

I will never be a fan of Mohler, but I am commanded to pray for enemies. I would not wish any person, much less a brother in Christ, to suffer such pain.


Honestly Michael, do you really consider Al Mohler an enemy? That seems a bit extreme to me.

Michael Westmoreland-White

No, not really, Joe. I was using hyperbolic language to remind myself to pray for someone I really don't like much. If I have to pray for enemies, how much more so for someone who is more of an "opponent," or an "adversary," but also a brother in Christ.

I was just finishing my Ph.D. at SBTS when Mohler came in and made the changes that, from my perspective, destroyed my alma mater. His actions ruined many lives and cause much pain to other lives which, by God's grace, were able to bounce back.

So, it's not just that we disagree theologically--nor even that he is in an influential position to push his views while I must roll uphill to try to promote my alternative understandings of God, Jesus, Baptist identity, etc. It's also that I am extremely loyal to the people he harmed.

Nevertheless, none of that excuses me. I MUST pray for his recovery. We Christians do not have an option on such matters. We are human: we find it easier to pray for people we like. But faithful discipleship requires more of us.

I am sure most of the readers here will find it natural to pray for Dr. Mohler. So, remember that I come at this with less joy when you encounter others whom YOU dislike. Our prayers and service have no boundaries and no pick and choose options.

Seth McBee

Michael...you will eventually be a fan of Al Mohler, when you both are rejoicing God in heaven...

I don't consider my arminian brothers and sisters to be enemies or even those that I dislike, we just differ. As long as we both love Jesus Christ, and understand faith alone saves, even if we disagree on the way we come to this faith.

May Al recover quickly and for our benefit not his.


does anyone know of any change concerning dr. mohler? i have heard that he got worse.


Michael Westmoreland-White

According to the Louisville Courier-Journal this a.m., Mohler appears to be recovering. I am certain he could still use prayer--and so could his family. We prayed for him today in church even though there are many in our congregation who have been hurt by his actions and some who have been publicly slandered by him--including our pastor.

Whether either of us is ever "fans" of the other, even in heaven, I don't know. I am not sure "fandom" exists in heaven--except being a "fan" of Jesus Christ. We will certainly be reconciled. I fully expect that most, if not ALL, of us (and definitely including both Al Mohler and myself) will spend time in Eternity having our theologies corrected.

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