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cb scott



But being the dog that never leaves a track, I ask afresh.

Do you believe Jesus is the virgin conceived and virgin born child we worship as the God-Man-Son of God-Son of Mary with no human father biologically involved?

You never have answered that question as I have ask of you before and you avoided it will you do so, again, now or will you simply say yes or will you say no?

I too have worked with believers of other groups. I will be preaching for Nazarenes, in the spring, in the north, during a conference. The Nazarenes and others I have worked with have no trouble answering that particular question and thus far all answer yes.

Are you related to the past William Lumpkin of VA?

What say you, Peter?


cb scott: It's hard to believe Peter has not answered that question. Nor would I ever be able to believe he would avoid answering it. Where did he skip over that? Just wondering. I truly believe that Jesus was God's only begotten of the Holy Spirit to a virgin with absolutely no help from a biological male. Ain't that what the Bible says? selahV

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