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Seth McBee

Good post, I just did a sermon for our youth on "The Virgin Birth: It's Necessity and Benefits"



Thanks Seth. I am more moved at Christmastide than any other time in the Church year, I think. I trust your day well, my Brother. With that, I am...



PETER: I'm planting new roses in my yard next Spring. And will border my fences with the Rose of Sharon bushes. They are gorgeous and have no thorns. They bloom early and keep blooming. And one can depend on them in drought, just as we can The Most Beatiful Rose of All, Whom we celebrate today. God bless you, selahV


Good Evening Peter,

Thanks for the lovely reminder of the sublime beauty and mystery of the Lord of Glory robing Himself in "manflesh" (with apologies to Tolkien).

The older (and more decrepit) I grow, the more thankful I become for the incarnation and the more my heart aches to be clothed as He.

Have a blessed, incarnation- saturated Christmas, all.




Glad you stopped by. And thank you for the warm words. I wish to you, your family and your Church a most blessed Christmas weekend. With that, I am...



Timotheos: Amen. SelahV


feliz navidad yall!



volfan...to you too! I'm so happy I could pop! selahV

Michael Westmoreland-White

The heart of our faith is supposed to be Christ's passion and resurrection, but the incarnation is ALSO wonderful. Here God risked everything to share the human condition: "Very God of Very God--with a skull you could crush one-handed," as Frederick Buechner says to emphasize the vulnerability that the Infinite Artist chose in becoming part of the mosaic of creation, of human life.

Although the pagan consumerist orgy of "stuff-buying" tends to depress me (THIS is how we celebrate the birth of a poor child, whose family were soon to be refugees?), the Christmas story itself is amazing. Thanks for posting this, Peter.


Hello Peter,

I just wanted to stop by and greet you. I have been e-mailing with Sam Bell lately and I saw your comments on one of his posts. In addition, Tiber Jumper is a long-time friend of mine. I too am interested in talking with brothers and sisters not of my own communion. Please stop by when you have time.

All God's Best,


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