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once again we see the hearts of five pointers....attack, condemn, and destroy.

i am glad that you called bill harrell and set the record straight. i think he was right on in what he said. i have seen exactly what he was talking about many, many times in my neck of the woods.




I respectfully disagree. I don't pretend to know what lies in the hearts of men, but I am confident that what we see is not exclusive to "five pointers", but rather common to all sinners. I am becoming increasingly persuaded that much of what transpires in blogdom is thinly veiled gossip or slander. Well, maybe it isn't veiled at all. Predictably we line up on our favorite side of an issue and start firing away, shooting first and asking questions later. You would think we had never read wise King Solomon's advice on the tongue or Jame's sage words. So much dialog is absent of grace and edification. We stand firm and courageous defending our position yet void of brotherly love. What is the old adage, "Love without truth is compromise, truth without love is harshness." Comments are made behind the relative anonymity and protection of the internet, comments that would never be made face to face unless you were ready to engage in fisticuffs. When was the last time you changed your view based on a blog discussion? When was the last time anyone did? I crave for dialog that focuses on the Word of God and the wonders of Him who saves sinners, dialog that is edifying, exhortational, and equipping. Perhaps it is time we change our focus? We need to ask ourselves whether our contribution is building up or tearing down believers. I don't mean we never confront error, but there is a God honoring way to do so, and a way that brings shame on the name of Christ. May God give us wisdom and grace to glorify Him.


Scott: I've been thinking so many similar thoughts ever since I began blogging. Where is your blog? Are you planning to have one?

As I have read the back and forth comments on various blogs, I have wondered: if these things were said, and with the tone they are being said, by members in these pastors' churches, what would these pastors say to them? I'm am scratching my head in amazement. SelahV



Thank you for your comment. I simply desired to balance out what was being assumed Bro. Harrell meant by his words.

Preach good tomorrow.


I hear the frustration you possess. I too have my share of it. Unfortunately, at least from my perspective, I do not think the answer to unfair blogging is no blogging. Rather I think it is better blogging...godly blogging.

Whether or not I ever reach that goal is debatable. I surely have no illusions that I presently dwell there. Yet I certainly desire to. It is my goal.

Grace Today


Thank you always for your participation in our community. You truly are a refreshing breathe. Be careful, I might add,as you go deeper into the blog forrest for the creatures become more and more scary :)

With that, I am...



Peter: Lions, and Tigers and Bears, ooh My! I have the ruby slippers, dear Peter. I can always go back to Kansas, from whence I came. LOL. I have followed yellow-brick roads so long in the land of yesterday--some paved with good intentions, some filled with potholes, some simply coated with yellow paint, that I know real gold when I walk upon it. And should I take a wrong turn and venture down a lane or two whose yellow is so bright it blinds me, well I can always count on the Great-And-Powerful to get me back on track and give me a pair of His SONglasses to deflect fiery rays which need deflecting. And then I always have you...my brother. I am so blessed. SelahV


keeping peole from the extremes and tangents in theology does help people. encouraging people to stay away from errors will keep them from confusion and hurt. to care about others demands that we encourage people to the truth of Gods Word...the balanced truth.

so that no one will think that i am mean and nasty, i will end this post with this: love...love ...love ...love...love...love....love....love....love....love!

from the hills of tn, and looking forward to preaching Gods Word this morning,


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