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i went to founders blog today...and i saw where you posted about ascols statement on arminianism, and dr. welby and others challenged your views. then, i saw the long, philosophical arguements that some had about your statement.

peter, my man, these folks are inot philosophy big time, and they think that they are much smarter than those of us who say that we just believe the bible. they think that you cant do that. you have to have more views to it than that. they cant see that someone can believe what the bible teaches about the choice and responsibily of man, and at the same time believe in the sovereignty of God and predestination and election. they just dont understand how someone can do that. so, they think that that person is not intelligent, and they are. thus, they must enlighten us from thier vast brain power about how to believe that these doctrines reconcile.

i dont need them, nor the arminians, sharing with me what the bible does not teach. some things are a mystery to us....not to God...but to us. and, if the bible leaves it a mystery, then who are we to think that we can figure it out.



Volfan: Finally, someone with whom I agree. In reading Olson's view above, I understand him to be saying that although God is Sovereign, He also allows man to follow his own way, so to speak. If that wasn't the case, why would God have given the prince of this world so much license to do whatever. Man must choose to obey. Why else would Jesus say whatsoever you loose and bind on earth will be loosed and bound in heaven? He gave Peter the ability to do those things for the kingdom of heaven. Jesus didn't say whatsoever I loose or bind; He gave that authority to Peter. And subsequently to all His followers. Why else is evangelism necessary? That doesn't take one inkling of God's Sovereignty away from Himself.
Just a simpleton without a degree thinking here. selahV



Thank you for your comment. Interestingly, the exchange with Dr. Welty originated from a little "post-it" note I left for Dr. Ascol. I'm humored when responses are sometimes 5-6 times longer than the original post!:)

In addtion, when conversation devolves to the notorious "copy/paste" approach to dialog, I usually seek a graceful exit quickly. For me, no real communication takes place by slicing/dicing commentary. Concession is humbling but better in the long run...

At any rate, I think you are right, my Brother Volfan. At times we may get side-tracked into forms of conversation that prove unproductive. And, "philosophy" as you put it may be one of those times.

I trust your Wednesday evening Bible Study was fruitful. Peace. With that, I am...




Thanks for taking the time to review this book and ask questions of Dr. Olson, the author. This has been a most insightful series of posts!

Keep up the great work.

In Him,


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