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May 10, 2018


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That's all it took to go bat for JD Hall to help save his ministry position and get his public to go along. Not getting his continual selective outrage and looking the other way for some who teach same things.

Robert Vaughn

"...and disgraced former Baptist pastor, Ben Cole." Since when did Ben re-engage?

peter lumpkins




peter lumpkins

Thanks for that link Lydia. I had it saved in Pocket at one time I think. But now I captured it once again.

Robert Vaughn

Thanks, Peter and Lydia. I thought Ben Cole had rode off into a sunset somewhere out of the Baptists' hair. Guess I haven't been keeping up!


He seems to have come back out of nowhere but I suspect the strategic planning on the hit has been in the works by the Mohler cabal with good timing. Somebody who can feed WaPo, Huffpo, etc. Russ Moore people or Ben Cole who have the contacts.

Scott Shaver

"Sowing and reaping" on a temporal plane. We give ourselves over entirely to the mechanics of culture and we become the victims thereof.

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