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Oct 22, 2013


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Jock Lenzi

Great pride comes before a great fall! And I think there is a lot more great falling to take place. (Whoever remains stiff-necked after many rebukes will suddenly be destroyed--without remedy. - Proverbs 29:1)

I have a big question, however. Is C.J. hardening his heart regarding all this, or is God according to His eternal decree hardening C.J.'s heart. And did He also foreordain Albert Mohler nicking himself shaving this morning?


It is never wrong to do the right thing ... even if it takes a while before you get there.

Christiane Smith

"All last week Mohler's friends publicly expressed their admiration for his unflinching courage to do the "right thing" during the "Conservative Resurgence," and to do so even when it was personally hurtful to himself and his family."

it doesn't look like the SBC has treated Mohler poorly at all . . . what price did his family have to pay for his actions?

Paul Graybeal

Did CJ Mahaney commit the abuse? Did he cover it up? If the uninvite is based on the fact that he is affiliated with Sovereign Grace, then we should be ashamed. There has been many a sin committed by leader of the SBC, and its churches.


Who was saying/showing that Mohler did "the right thing during the Conservative Resurgence"? Frankly he was nowhere to be found. In fact, he was carrying Roy Honeycutt's luggage/books(literally and figuratively)who was then Pres. of SBTS and the author and warrior for the left calling this a "Holy War". Only years later as editor(and it was obvious the CR had succeeded) of the Georgia Index did he make some modestly conservative editorials. It seems to me, at this point, that "Mohler is the Trojan Horse" that he orchestrated, not with a Conservative inerrant agenda...but a Calvinistic purist agenda. We haven't fully reaped this 'harvest' yet....wake up Southern Baptists!

Scott Shaver


I'm resonating somewhat with your historical research. Mohler was among the left wing (left of "moderates")as a seminary student at Southern (carrying Honeycutt's books as you say)until he had this "epiphany" of the "reform" persuasion.

Right about that time the mechanics at work for an effort based upon a dogfight in the Missouri Lutheran Synod was already off the drawing board and on the ground courtesy Judge Pressler and "turn the cat around" Paige Patterson.

Mohler was the young, articulate editorial writer (something which has persisted as his main occupation since) who railed against modernity (something he has not ceased)and, of course, "the scourge of liberalism" with "deemphasis on the authority of Scripture" as the collective call to arms. The alliance with Patterson caused many in the earliest days of the "SBC wars" to predict, "If they're successful, the convention will die as they turn upon one another" referring to neo calvinists and Fundamentalists.

The "harvest" you anticipate, Casey, seems to be taking the forms of theological confusion among those Southern Baptists that actually still do theology, rankor in the pastoral ranks, embarrassing declines in evangelistic markers, eroded confidence and support for a cooperative world and home mission effort, indoctrination as opposed to classical theological education in SBC seminaries, preference to popularist theologies, "reform" church starts, and the inability to maintain a denominational Sunday School Board that produces biblically based educational materials for Southern Baptist churches in general.

Should I mention the numerous unnecessary negative perceptions of "Southern Baptists" fostered in the body of Christ around the world and across the United States over the last two decades?

What about those Southern Baptist churches, laypersons, leaders, professors, pastors that carried out the Great Commission and actually boosted baptisms etc. prior to the "enlightenment" of Patterson-Mohler. Forget about it.

Modern SBC seminary presidents like Jason Allen assign little or no spiritual value or theological credibility to SBC seminary education prior to Mohler and especially at Southern. Consequently I'm assuming that both current and future generations of Southern Baptists (should there be any left) must accept that the SBC's history begins with Mohler-Patterson...and will certainly die there.

We're already beginning to question among ourselves (SBC faithful)whether or not Christ actually died for "all".

Tim Rogers


This does do my heart good. Not that Akin has dis-invited Mahaney but, Akin has listened to the voice of the convention.


Thanks for this good report.

Danny Akin gets an A+!!!!!!!!!


If anything Danny Akin gets a is dose of "reality"...NOT an "A"....much less an "A+".
I know for a fact(because I participated in this effort) of getting paper copies of this article on PL website to 3 SE Seminary trustees. That's all I was assured I could trust and not waste my time in providing the information. These three(3) made quite a 'stink'. PTL for the LORD himself. PTL for Peter's unwavering truth telling. PTL for three(3) trustees who told the president, "No more". You don't have to be a majority for the LORD to convict and cause men to act...
Otherwise we wouldn't be in this 'business'....trust HIM.



Thanks very much for your efforts.

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