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Mar 13, 2013


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Robert I Masters

Drodt College ...really guys.

I am a terrible writer but that is worse than bad.


I guess if you aint Dutch you cant spell much!

Robert I Masters

Why did you delete my comment!

Kelly Boggs did not spell Dordt correct.....repeatdly.

peter lumpkins

Hi Robert. Well, I didn't delete your comment. It was in the spam bucket. You're but one of a frequent number of casualties we now have at SBC Tomorrow whose comments the spam filter craves. I can't figure why. And, to boot, the filter lusts for my contributions as much or more than others'!! There is an easy solution but it does take an extra step: let me know about your missing comment either on the thread (like above) or via email (goto "about page" and a link to email me is provided).

Sorry for the inconvenience, brother, but I've fairly well given up attempting to "fix it." Fact is, I'd rather the filter be too sensitive as not sensitive enough.

Lord bless... and have a great day...

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