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Mar 13, 2013


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"Speculation occurs when a conclusion is arrived at without the benefit of – or without regard to – all the facts in a given situation. Rumors and speculations are not helpful and only serve to intensify any controversial issue."

And this is what happens when we are dealing with closed systems. Of course people speculate and it is futile to tell people it is not helpful when they are supporting the organization. They have a right to know what is going on....and hear both sides. Trust but verify. And if they do not like the trustees decision then withdraw support. There is very little verifying going on these days.


So the situation at LU is a big ol' tangled up mess. Sounds like the trustees maybe were putting a little to much trust in the wrong people and now it's all coming to a head and it's time to do some serious cleaning of the house. Will the Trustees do that?

So it may very well be true that this didn't start out to be about Calvinism but it seems like Calvinism is going to be a big issue if the Trustees decide to start cleaning the house. Did Quarles take advantage of the dysfunction at LU to Calvinize LU without the trustees knowledge? We know Calvinists think that if churches are too dumb to ask candidates the right questions that the churches deserve whatever they get. Could this be what happened at LU? No one was minding the store so the Calvinists felt it was ok to go in and take over when no one was looking? And now the President needing a scape goat is throwing the Calvinists under the bus even though he knew what they were doing and didn't care at the time? Just the questions that come to my mind from what I've read.

Debbie Kaufman

Well Mary, congratulations, you just rewrote the entire truth of the LU story.


Since only insiders seem to know the real problems and no one is giving specifics, why not enlighten us, Debbie?


Debbie, your reading comprehension is off today. I didn't rewrite anything, I simply asked questions. I know Calvinists like you have a problem with that. But since you know the truth maybe you could write it up for everyone.

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