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Mar 15, 2013


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peter lumpkins

I offer the challenge to all interested parties to take our brother's offer---call Kelly Boggs and see if your perspective on the LC turmoil may be enriched by balancing out the stream of blog posts mainly by some Caskey divinity students which offer but a single perspective on the matter...



You may not be aware, but if you highlight the cell phone number you tried to black out, it shows the entire number. I know Mr. Boggs made it public on the other site, but thought you'd like to know since you did try to black it out.


peter lumpkins

Thanks Jason. What a double GA hoot I've earned for myself this week! I set the post to automatically upload last evening and did it quickly without thinking thru it. I'm just glad it IS posted elesewhere and I didn't irresponsibly reveal what was never intended to be made public...

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