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Feb 16, 2012


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Jason Eldridge

I have to disagree. Wasn't Baptist Press simply giving what the Index did not give -- the other side of the story? The Index is the one guilty of these charges, not Baptist Press. Sure, the Index may be allowing responses, but not in the same edition as the Harris editorial. That is significant. Baptist Press did what was only fair -- allow those who had been criticized a chance to respond. If we have a problem with the responses, then we should criticize the responders, not Bapist Press. The BP article quoted from the Harris editorial.

peter lumpkins


You're confusing Harris' editorial opinion piece with a news story. No editorial opinion is expected to "give the other side." By its very definition, it's about its own side!

In addition, did you not read the last paragraph:

Contrarily, the word on the street is, editor Gerald Harris has scheduled to publish a full rebuttal to his editorial opinion from both Lifeway and NAMB in The Christian Index, a practice Baptist Press might do well to consider

Nor did Roach so much as question either King or Ebert about their low-balling remarks. King said Harris' piece was filled with "false accusations" without a single word about what those "false accusations" might be. She never asked squat, or if she did, she failed to print the answers King gave. They got by with glibly dismissing his piece--even insulting his piece--without a single substantial question from Roach recorded and reported.

So, no Jason, the two are far from the same. BP couldn't have been anymore negligent if it tired.

With that, I am...


NAMB has a rebuttal? I wonder what they think they can rebutt?


So I just read the BP article again and there is no "news" in it. It's just a piece where they scream that Harris is a lying liar and there is no evidence presented. It's doesn't tell you specifically what Harris lied about and what the truth is.

The Al Mohler quote is telling. If anyone has paid attention to this blog, you've seen us show you exactly what Mohler thinks the Abstract of Prinicples from his first convacation address - he has used the Abstract to insure doctrinally purity to the DOG.

What a mess, you would think if someone were going to say to a reporter "Harris is a liar" the reporter would have enough sense to say "What did he lie about" But that's not the purpose of the article is it?

peter lumpkins


I think the way BP operates, it is a "news wire" service. All opinion pieces are usually tagged "First Person" or something like that. When BP editors or staff writers offer pieces, they default into the 'news' sections.

With that, I am...


Maybe we need a restructuring of the Baptist Press and get a new leader??? Get your resume ready, folks...uh...Peter??? hee hee. selahV

peter lumpkins


What a triple Georgia hoot! I think there just might be a meltdown amongst the YRR if such surfaced. More hate sites than google could handle would pop up.

With that, I am...


look back in "short history" of the SBC....Jim Hefley in his "In Crisis..." series suggested that one of the first things conservatives needed to do once they controlled leadership was "separate public relations and news".....we've been having this "mix" for years...but we're really starting to pay the price now for PR trumping news.......

Hobart M. Tucker


Page announces Executive Committee staffing consolidation, reductions

By Staff
Nov 30, 2010

"...The office of news services and the office of convention relations, separated into two offices since 1991, have been combined back into one office and will become the office of convention communications and relations...."


Well, Peter, you know I'm just funnin'... we all know that Howell Scott is the man that should handle the press... he's one diplomatic fella. selahV

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