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Jan 14, 2012


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Wyman Richardson


I canNOT believe I am about to type this...[give me a moment here to collect myself - deep breaths, deeeeep breaths]...but I agree with this post. I agree completely.

Driscoll needs to man up and be the warrior he repeatedly tells every man to be.

To whine over an interview when you're the self-professed manliest man of all maledom seems ironic and downright childish. And if I'm reading right, one of the interviewers was a woman? So Driscoll is flustered by the aggressiveness of a woman reporter? The mind boggles: Driscoll bested by a girl.

I'm not sure, but I may even tweet my agreement with you.

Whew! Gonna be a strange year! I can feel it.

Now, back to my principled objection to almost everything else you write. ;-)



But what he was really chiding them for is there are no young celebrity preachers.....like him making a big name for themselves (or like he was)

How does Mark know if there are any young humble servants toiling away in the British vinyards? He doesn't. It is all about being known.

This time Mark is outside of his Reformed bubble and cannot delete. He thinks he has a leg to stand on for his insult and the focus on no celebrity young pastor in England because the interviewer has a pastor/wife. He knows that will give him a pass in the states among many. An excuse to be a cretin and bore.


Peter, I agree with something you said elsewhere: Where is the line in the sand for people when it comes to Driscoll?

One can only close their eyes so long.

Rick Patrick

In other totally unfabricated news...

Danny Akin has invited Driscoll to speak at Southeastern Seminary on the topic: "Gospel Centered British Clergy Fashion."

When asked for his take on the situation, Al Mohler replied, "Any true student of Baptist history will state, categorically, that the gospel of Jesus Christ has been preached more faithfully, more accurately and more widely by preachers wearing pants than by preachers wearing dresses. Any suggestion to the contrary is a denial of the basic fabric of ministry Christians generally and Baptists particularly have forever cherished. We should be thankful for Mark Driscoll's helpful reminder of this reality."


Driscoll sure is obsessed with the idea that it's important that the right messanger (young, not wearing "dresses") as opposed to the authority of the message. I thought there was power in the message of the Gospel, but Markie seems to believe that the Gospel needs to be given by a particular type person in order for the Holy Spirit to move.


And classic Driscoll to play the victim in the interview and try to divert your attention from him by implying that this sissy man, who does he think he is questioning such a manly man. How dare anyone bring up all Driscoll's bad acts!


Rick, LOL!!

Chris Gilliam


I think this quote exposes a lot:

"As is often the case, to stoke the fires of controversy, thereby increasing readership, which generates advertising revenue..."

Is that not exactly what Driscoll has been doing for years now? Seems the means of crass materialism and worldly market/consumption culture has taken care of him well. It might be very fair to understand his being upset because his market share might dive and revenues fail in Europe because of this interview.


You know, If my mom and dad ever had these issues, even in ministry, I would really have appreciated it later on in life they did not write a book about it telling the world such details of their marriage and the fact my mom had sex before marriage and my dad had a graphic vision of it. And all the things my refused to do for my dad and he got real angry about it. Thanks mom and dad!

Do people think of their children anymore with all this "transparency".

Scott Shaffer

You should check out what Carl Trueman, a British professor at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, has to say about MD's statement, "Let's just say this: right now, name for me the one young, good Bible teacher that is known across Great Britain. You don't have one - that's the problem."

Trueman writes, "Notice the three important elements of this sentence: the definite article, 'young' and 'known across Britain.' The Great Man, youth and fame: not high on the list of Paul's priorities; and three basic elements of celebrity culture. "


Did you notice what made MD really bristle?
It was the fact that another man "had finally gotten his chance to exercise some authority over me."

Congratulations to Mr. Brierly! A mild-mannered British journalist managed to accomplish something that not one "elder" at Driscoll's organization, not John Piper, not Gerry Breshears, not CJ Mahaney, not one Gospel Coalition associate, has ever done.


There is an obsession we see with Driscoll and you see in the SBC that only the "young" are acutally worthy of being messangers of the Gospel. All us old people need to get out of the way so the "young leaders" can do their thing and save the world. It as if no one ever in the history of Christendom has understood the Bible better than this "young" generation. Thus the "young" don't have to show one iota of respect or gratitude to those who've gone before them. Because everybody before has made a royal mess of everything and our only hope is that the "young" will come and fix the world.

Has anybody seen a Piper response to the Driscoll's book. At the time of the SOS hullabaloo Driscoll was supposed to have been taken under the wing of Piper and Driscoll was alledgely "repentent" yet this book just shows he's still perverting SOS in the exact same way that Piper had supposedly corrected him on. I don't think Driscoll submits himself to any authority anywhere. He's too narcissitic.



Here is the entire interview with Mark that got him so upset to write the blog post to Brits calling it advesarial and disrespectful. You decide who was those things in the interview. And if things were taken "out of context" as Driscoll claims.

And here is a great critique of Driscoll's interview by Bill Kinnon. Kinnon gets it right when he says Mark was never "discipled".



This one quote by Mark Driscoll sums up Mark Driscoll completely:

At the 51 min. Mark states, "You look at your results and you look at my results and look at the variable that is the most obvious."

The success of Mars Hill is because of Mark and nothing else.

Peter G.

For the record, I think it's "Christianity" magazine not "Christianity Today."

peter lumpkins

Noted, Peter G. I actually go it right toward the latter part of the post. I think it was the banner on the page I linked which says "Christian Today" which threw me.

With that, I am...

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