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Nov 17, 2011


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We had a great TBC this year. It was outstanding and inspiring.

Peter, like you, I was born in TN, raised in TN, saved in TN, called to preach in TN, preached my first sermon in TN, pastored my first church in TN, and even now, pastor a church in TN.

I love this state....my roots run deep. My Dads family is also from Middle TN...Wayne Co. ....which is really close to Lawrence Co., Peter..as I'm sure you know....

TN is a great state to live in....beautiful state. And, I had the privilege to vote for this resolution.


peter lumpkins


Great brother. Yes, I used to hang out in Waynesboro some. I loved going from L'burg to Waynesboro on old Hwy 64. There were about three good curves the old 63 Chevy, 327, 4Speed, was a hoot to take.

With that, I am...


I have visited Tennessee.

Jack Wolford

Peter Lumpkins has almost written the perfect Country Baptist song and would be except there is nothing about Mama, a Train or Prison. Try to finish it Peter.

Rick Patrick

In response, President Wright has formed a Task Force, which will pay its own expenses of course, to advise him on whether or not he should pursue renaming the entire state of Tennessee. (It's far too long, sounds too Native American and possesses too many e's in it to make a good hangman word.)

To suggest a new name for the state, simply go to the website www.baptistsdontliketopdownleadership.com.

Jordan Hall


My Southern Baptist Church in Montana is planting a Southern Baptist Church on an Indian Reservation across the state line in North Dakota. Being a proud and intelligent people, when it comes time to discuss with them denominational affiliation (they would prefer to affiliate with an ecumenical Indian-only organization) and given your certainty on this issue, would you care coming and explaining to them why it makes sense for them to be "Southern" Baptists?

peter lumpkins


Not sure if you're only being facetious or what. If they prefer an ecumenical Indian-only organization, why are you there? They apparently have little regard for the exclusivity being Baptist means much less being Southern Baptist. Hence, I'd begin by convincing them about what it means to be Baptist.

With that, I am...



I'm with Peter. It sounds like they've have a problem with whatever name the SBC was, unless it was "American Indian Convention." Or, better yet, and I'm not sure what tribe they are, but from what you said, they'd probably not be happy unless they were the "Cheyenne Amercian Indian Convention" if they're Cheyenne.

Dude, just explain to them about the BFM2K and about our mission activity....see if they'd like to be a part of that...maybe?



thanks TENNESSEE BAPTISTS for STANDING STRONG. MISSOURI BAPTISTS missed a great opportunity on the """GCR""" this year!

A. Price

Thanks for that post Casey! I was think'n the same thing! But, then you know who's in 'charge' now, in MBC! Sad!

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