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Nov 10, 2011


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boB Cleveland

Dr. Licona is just evidencing again the tendency of man to desire authority over God's word, which speaks of one's tendency to resist God's word's authority over us.

I have to ask myself why they would want to disprove anything in the Bible. Hasn't God already proven it over and over?

J. K. Jones

Did anyone try to reason with him before he was 'thrown under the bus.'

Tim Rogers

Brother Peter,

Have you lost your ever-loving mind? My gracious Dr. Licona is a scholar and this debate should remain in the scholarly realm instead among us dumb preachers.. Do you not realize that your ignorance on such matters is nothing less than an absolute ploy to remove a scholar as Dr. Licona from his scholastic friends? It is entirely outside of your realm to even attach your name to such a argument. You are just a dumb, ignorant, fundamentalist preacher that should just bow to the intellect and presumptions Dr. Licona, in his scholarly research has found for us dumb ignorant serfs.

In reality, you have presented a great argument. Keep up the wonderful insight.

Brother J.K.

You may need to direct that question to NAMB. Dr. Licona states in his Christianity Today article that he resigned to keep this from coming back on them.


Anthony Castrataro

Great article, Brother Pete!

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