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Sep 14, 2011


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Tim Rogers

Brother Peter,

It is good to see Dr. Mohler step into the ring on this one. I pray that other SBC leaders will openly enter this discussion.


Ron Hale

I've read Dr. Mohler's response in detail and I have been reading your articles and those of Tim Rogers -- over the last week or so. Thanks for standing behind Dr. Geisler on this matter! And, along with you I appreciate Dr. Mohler's stance and how he laid it out.

If Baptist Bloggers had an award night like the Oscar's ... you and Tim would certainly get a trophy in the area of Biblical Inerrancy Defenders! Blessings.

Tim G

I echo Ron's statement above. Incredible job by you two guys on this one! May your tribe increase! The battle for the Bible was never over and maybe it is time we wake up to that fact.

chris gilliam


adam cruse

Someone told me that Licona spoke at Southern in the Spring. Licona's book at that time was sold at Southern in the LIfeway store. His views were known at that time.

Why did Mohler (or faculty) invite him if they are so concerned about his views? Should there not be a better "vetting" process at Southern?


Licona aptly responds to Mohler at:


peter lumpkins

Thanks Steve.

And, Geisler aptly responds to Licona

With that, I am…


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