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Mar 22, 2011


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You really have to wonder why so many are attempting to distract and stir up so much division and discord in the process. Those raising issues about the importance of the Trinity and what message is Pitman intending to send to so many SBCer's who have issues with ACTS 29 are now being called racist, women hating, pedophile harboring, Phariseacal, judgemental haters. Makes me long for the days when people questioning leaders in the SBC were simply dismissed as "bloggers in housecoats living in their mom's basements." When men who are being elevated to leadership in the SBC respond to any and all criticism in such an immature, whiney, and in some cases hateful way, then perhpas we need to start rethinking what exactly are the qualifications for leaders in the SBC.

peter lumpkins


I had a long response to Dwight McKissic's insinuation in the ABP article that race was somehow relevant to contention with Jones' and the platform. I chose not to publish it in the original piece above. I may tease it out and put it up as a stand-alone post--and most certainly will if Dr. McKissic continues to denigrate the SBC as plagued with racism. This really saddens me because I consider him a friend.

With that, I am...


Peter, it's getting pretty ridiculous over on a certain blog, but then certain people have a reputation for not being exactly in touch with reality. Alledgely all "voices" are "equal" but some "voices" are more "equal" than others. I dialogue with some folks online and they never post in certain places, because of the insanity of some of those posters and how they're allowed to treat anyone who disagrees with them.

Race is certainly something we can and should address in the SBC. The issues surrounding the Pastor's Conference had nothing to do with race. If anyone had a "perception" that it was about race they were absolutely wrong and I think need to examine their hearts about prejudices they are holding. That's a discussion that reasonable, rational people should have. There is real racism, but when you call racism where it doesn't exist then we get to a place where nothing is racism anymore. When we get to a day that anytime a black man is questioned about anything it gets labeled as racist it's a sorry day indeed. I would think as Christians our first prism to view anything should be Christ. Doctrine matters, but it seems race matters more to some.

I can't help but feel that we are fighting for the very soul of the SBC. Some are, I think, being manipulated in such a way to cause distractions such as this. Some are just pure fools who have no clue how the real world actually functions and will just hold up their idols and scream that we're not real Christians if we don't think exactly like them and bow down to their idols. I appreciate that you protect us from the fools here on your site.

Steve Evans

Very nice opinion from you on the the questionable calls made by our current President of the SBC Pastor's Conference. I applaud your faithful stand against things not scriptural (or Southern Baptist). Let our brothers from the Calvinist persuasion have a conference of their own. Let's go lead someone to saving faith in Jesus. Spread the Word - be instant in season and out. Do the work of an Evangelist. Hell is laughing at us! From a Minister of Music who loves souls..........

peter lumpkins


Thanks for logging on. And thank you for your warm comment. We attempt to speak the truth in love but obviously don't always succeed.

Grace, brother. And may your ministry increase a hundredfold souls for the glory of our Lord.

With that, I am...


Good post, Peter.

Why am I still floored everytime a disagreement comes up, based on firm biblical grounds by the way, and then we who disagree are labeled judgemental, close minded, etc.?! I guess I keep thinking at some point, someone in a leadership role, will see these are valid questions and we'll actually have a real back and forth discussion. But sadly, it's the same ole, same ole, dismissal and your judgemental accusations whenever these issues are brought up.

These are great questions you raise Peter, so keep doing it! I've been where you and others are who want to go over this. Keep pressing ahead. At some point, enough folks will will also start questioning, and they won't be able to ignore it or dismiss it forever.

By the way, the comment by Mr. Pitman on their books being sold in Lifeway, I could go on about that for days, but I won't do that to ya. lol Seriously though, I contacted Lifeway a few years ago about this same topic, and the justifications I recieved were endless. I emailed Dr. Ranier and got a response from him and another gentleman in Lifeway. (name escapes me right now) Basically, it was we sell lots of books that many people will have disagreements with, and they said nothing is wrong with that, as long as they're biblically sound. That was my problem, the ones I asked about weren't. I mentioned that, but didn't recieve a response.

I am just so disappointed how much of this gets glossed over or dismissed. Who is deciding what concerns are legitimate, and whose aren't? I just don't understand why Christian leaders can't address these things. What are they trying to hide? I know, that's a bold statement, and it may not be they are doing that on purpose, but it's what it looks like from out here. The impression being given I would hope is not one they want.

SelahV Today

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I read somewhere (either on an SBC pastor's blog or our state Baptist paper) a list of the speakers and their CP giving. Do you, by chance, know where I may have read that?

On the list were all the CP giving stats of the speakers for the pastor's conference. It was reported that David Platt's church, Brook Hills, gave $0 to the CP. I was disturbed by that and I asked someone that I know who attends Brook Hills. She said it was false, that they do give to the CP and to the AAEO and Lottie Moon, etc.

If you happen to know where that article came from, I'd like to find it again.



Thanks.  Well, I posted the names here.  And Platt is listed among the Pastors’ Conference speakers. While he is not on the present list of speakers at the Aspire website, I am unsure why. It could be he was posted on the website prematurely. It could also be I confusedly added him to the list. I honestly do not know. 

As for Platt’s church’s giving record, I’ll be glad to take another look at the info for his church. The confusion may be in what CBH gave and what’s reported. Obviously, if what’s reported as CP giving $0, then listing 0$ reported as given to the CP is about the only way one can list the gifts. Anyway, if I got the CP giving wrong, I’ll post a retraction asap. 

Thanks again, Liz.

With that, I am…




Thanks for your patience. According to the stats from Southern Baptist Directory Services for Dr. Platt's church,

2009 - No Annual Church Profile ... submitted
2008 - No ACP submitted
2007 -
Baptisms - 80
undesignated giving: $7, 068,727.00
CP giving: $24,996
Lottie moon - section left blank - the assumption would be nothing given
Annie Armstrong - section left blank

Hence, I put the $0.00 (reported) above. Perhaps your friend can call her church's office for further clarification.

Thank you again Liz, for bringing this to my attention.


With that, I am...

BTW, I'll be glad to follow up again if the 2010 becomes available for his church...

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