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Dec 28, 2010


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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Bob Allen & the Associated Baptist Press on "Alcohol Today: Abstinence in an Age of Indulgence" by Peter Lumpkins:


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Ron Hale

I enjoyed reading the article and I enjoyed reading your book.

I attended a church in Dallas at Christmas many years ago. I was a new believer at the age of 23. After the Christmas Eve service, the pastor prissed into the fellowship area smoking a cig and shared with my In-laws and me ... "that we should all go out for cocktails after the little after-church fellowship." Everyone seemed happy to go drinking with the pastor. I declined. No, it wasn't a SBC congregation, but with the growing desire for many of our guys to seem "cool" ... it may not be too far away.



Thanks, brother. I think Bob Allen did a superb job in quoting me fairly and accurately.

Even so, I gained slight amusement from what can only be dubbed uninformed comments in the thread of Allen's article. What remains disheartening is the low level of engagement on this issue. Rarely, if ever, is a single slither from the large body of scholarly literature on biblical abstinence acknowledged much less engaged. Persons seem content with perpetuating surface slush gleaned from a simplistic "concordance" run on texts rather than serious interaction.

Grace, brother.

With that, I am...

Tim Rogers

Brother Peter,

I believe Brother Allen did a great job on this article. It does seem he pushes a bias with his statement "His final hurdle." However, other than that he does seem fair in his report.


Chris Gilliam

This quote is priceless and transcends to more issues than the one at hand.

Persons seem content with perpetuating surface slush gleaned from a simplistic "concordance" run on texts rather than serious interaction.

Pray that the CR really does get people to look at the God's word as the rule of life and quite attempting to superimpose their/our own fleshly likings on it.

Ron Hale

I would hope that you will be invited to speak in the chapels of our SBC colleges and seminaries concerning this topic. And, Baptist Private Schools ... I'm going to pray that invitations will come your way.



Thanks.  Someone also called my attention to Christian Century who picked the story up.

Grace to all…

With that, I am…


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