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Nov 18, 2006


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Oh Peter: You have missed your truest calling my brother. Write a book. Devotional without apologetics. I am so grateful God placed you in my life that I might have someone to turn me around and point me back to the Master when I have doubts, fears and questions. Beautiful devotional, heart-piercing prayer. I echo it today. SelahV



amen....and, i agree with selah. you ought to write a devotion book. you could call it...the pious ponderings of peter. or, you could call it...reflections by peter.

you really ought to think about it.


ps. went to the tn-vandy game yesterday. it was great. orange all over that stadium in country music mecca. we also put vandy back in thier place.


Volfan: He's already got a title for the Devotional Book: "Soul Nourishment" Or he could title it
Soul-Food For the Hungry...selahV

P.S. Congratulations on your win!

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